The Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition was conceptualized in 2014, to provide a platform to shoot, and showcase, short films about Singapore Heritage.

In the course of 5 editions, we have collected numerous entries, from film-making students to film-making novices, across all Singaporean cultures, locations and languages. The films have been publicly screened in libraries, galleries, community clubs, and campuses.  The films have also been screened across Malaysia (Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Johore Bahru and Ipoh) and Japan.

Now, we are pleased to share some of the finalist films from 2014 to 2016 here.  Enjoy!

2018 Theme: Heritage Food

Food! One thing Singaporeans can definitely identify with is FOOD.

Hopefully, this year’s Heritage Food theme can bring out the diverse and vibrant range of food we have!

Ready to make us salivate?

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WINNER (Open Category)

The Art of Singapore (Story of Mr Ang Hao Sai) by Project Unsung Heroes

The documentary explores the life of Mr Ang Hao Sai, the last movie poster painter in Singapore. We trace his journey as an artist and a pioneer, delving into his work – a tribute to the history of Singapore that captures poignant moments. The film is a nostalgic ode to the complexities and growth of Singapore through the eyes of an artist.

1st RUNNER UP (Open Category)


Distressed over his loss, the old man becomes like a child who loses its ice-cream. To make the old man feel better, what the actor does puts a smile not only on the old man’s face but on yours too.

2nd RUNNER UP (Open Category)

Curry Fish Head by Hommade Animation

The film tells a story of a girl in the midst of ever changing landscape of Singapore from late 60’s to present day.

Click on image to access the video. Password to the video is “singapore“.

FINALIST (Open Category)

Singapore Icons in Pop Culture by Humble Productions

In recent years, entrepreneurs have started producing handicrafts, household items, fashion statements out of cultural icons that are easily recognized by Singaporeans. Are Singaporeans popularising its culture, without realising it?