Contribution to SFS60 x Shirkers

Suggested Price: $60.00

Singapore Film Society will celebrate its 60th Anniversary since it was officially founded back in 1958. This special occasion will be commemorated with a fundraiser and the Premiere of Shirkers. It will be attended by current and former members of SFS, the film community as well as members of the public.

If you’ve been invited but wish to make a contribution, you’re in the right place. Singapore Film Society is a non-profit organisation that’s run mostly by volunteers, so every bit of support helps!

For stall seats, the tickets are sold publicly at $60. However, you can contribute any amount you wish, with a minimum contribution of $5.




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SFS is a non-profit organisation, and is registered with the Registry of Societies in Singapore. We are funded solely by our members and sponsors, and are supported by our dedicated group of volunteers.


dir. Sandi Tan
2018 | Singapore, United States | Documentary | English | 96 mins | PG13 (Some Coarse Language)

In 1992, teenage VHS-bootlegger Sandi Tan and her fellow film-geek pals Jasmine Ng and Sophie Siddique shot Singapore’s first road movie with their enigmatic American mentor, Georges. The film was called “Shirkers.” Sandi wrote the script and played the lead, S, a 16-year-old assassin collecting and then eliminating her own tribe. After shooting wrapped, Georges absconded with all of the 16mm footage…

The 16mm Kodak cans are recovered 20 years later, sending Sandi, now a novelist in Los Angeles, on a personal, singular odyssey across two continents in search of Georges’ vanishing footprints—and her own.

Sandi Tan is one of Variety’s 10 Documentary Filmmakers to Watch 2018, and one of Indiewire’s 10 Rising Female Filmmakers of 2018