SFS Showcase #2: Politics & Humanity

Sat10Jul'21 - Sat17Jul'21
GV Suntec

We are delighted to present our second thematic showcase – Politics & Humanity – this mid-Jul 2021.

With the second Showcase, SFS invites audiences to look upon the human side of politics, through the lens of films that illuminate the human condition – and aspiration – to survive or triumph, in the face of unpredictable and life-threatening political circumstances. In “Politics and Humanity”, the two films featured are personal stories of families set in the context of volatile socio-political environments: the United Nations humanitarian crisis that unfolded during the Bosnian War in the 1990s as depicted in the extraordinary QUO VADIS, AIDA? and one family man’s dream to contest in the Kenyan elections, which has had a long history of corruption and violence, as seen in the eye-opening documentary SOFTIE.


Sat 10 Jul, 1.30pm, GV Suntec: QUO VADIS, AIDA? (NC16)
Sat 17 Jul, 1.30pm, GV Suntec: SOFTIE (PG13)
Sat 17 Jul, 4pm, GV Suntec: QUO VADIS, AIDA? (NC16)

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SFS Showcase is a continuing series of thematic programmes featuring an eclectic selection of films with a focus on creating conversations, challenging assumptions and opening hearts and minds to the diverse narratives of the world. With your support, we hope to curate at least 3-4 thematic programmes each year, bringing in quality films from around the world that may not have been picked up by cinemas or film festivals here in Singapore.

SFS Showcase #2 Trailer:

SFS Showcase #2: Politics & Humanity

  • Date:Sat10Jul'21 - Sat17Jul'21
  • Location: GV Suntec