SFS Showcase #11: MY SMALL LAND (Sat 27 Aug, 1.30pm)

Sat27Aug'22 - Sat27Aug'22
The Projector Golden Mile


Sat 27 Aug, 1.30pm
The Projector Golden Mile – Blue Room
Singapore Premiere

Tickets are available via Peatix: sfsland.peatix.com

Dir. Emma Kawawada
2022 | Japan | Drama | 114 mins | In Japanese, Turkish & Kurdish with English subtitles | PG (Some Sexual References)

Sarya lives between two worlds: Having fled from Turkey to Japan, her small family tries to maintain their Kurdish traditions. On the other hand, Sarya, who arrived when she was five, feels at home in Japan despite being a refugee. Life becomes unpredictable and their days in Japan seem numbered. A haunting story about the balancing act of finding your place in the world.

Awards: Special Mention – Amnesty International Jury (Berlin International Film Festival)


SFS Showcase is a continuing series of specially-curated monthly screenings of new releases from the international festival circuits, featuring an eclectic selection of films with a focus on creating conversations, challenging assumptions and opening hearts and minds to the diverse narratives of the world.

Hall Entry: A registration booth outside The Projector Blue Room will open 20 mins before the screening. Please show us your e-confirmation of the ticket and e-membership card for verification when requested. Free seating on a first-come-first-served basis.

SFS Showcase #11: MY SMALL LAND (Sat 27 Aug, 1.30pm)

  • Date:Sat27Aug'22 - Sat27Aug'22
  • Location: The Projector Golden Mile