SFS Showcase #17: DELIKADO (Sat 18 Feb, 1.30pm)

Sat18Feb'23 - Sat18Feb'23
The Projector Golden Mile


Date: Sat 18 Feb
Time: 1.30pm
Venue: The Projector Golden Mile – Blue Room

Tickets are available via Peatix: https://sfs-delikado.peatix.com


Dir. Karl Malakunas
2022 | Philippines | Documentary | 94 min | Tagalog and English with English subtitles | NC16 (Some Mature Content & Coarse Language)

In the majestic tropical island of Palawan, three environmental crusaders confront murder, betrayal and political corruption in this thrilling documentary about land defenders battling to save and preserve paradise in the Philippines.

Programmer’s Note: Eschewing conventions of typical eco-documentaries that tell us Mother Earth is in trouble, Delikado centers its attention instead on a group of Filipino ‘land defenders’ who are taking one baby step at a time to enact change in attitudes. It is an exceptional and sobering piece of filmmaking, charting the agency of ground-up citizenry in combating environmental destruction when their government has failed them. This is a rather extreme and dangerous form of eco-activism, but with the future at stake and laws utterly ineffective, there may be no choice left but for these land defenders to work outside of the law.

Awards: Winner (Special Mention) – Best Documentary Feature (Asia Pacific Screen Awards); Winner – Sustainable Future Award (Sydney Film Festival); Nominee – Best International Documentary (Hot Docs)

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SFS Showcase #17: DELIKADO (Sat 18 Feb, 1.30pm)

  • Date:Sat18Feb'23 - Sat18Feb'23
  • Location: The Projector Golden Mile