SFS Showcase #15: BURNING DAYS (Sat 17 Dec, 1pm)

Sat17Dec'22 - Sat17Dec'22
The Projector Golden Mile


Date: Sat 17 Dec
Time: 1pm
Venue: The Projector Golden Mile – Blue Room

Tickets are available via Peatix: https://sfsburningdays.peatix.com 


Dir. Emin Alper
2022 | Turkey | Drama/Mystery | 130 min | Turkish with English subtitles | NC16 (Some Coarse Language and Mature Content)

Emre, a young and dedicated prosecutor, is newly appointed to a small town hit by a water crisis and political scandals. After an initial welcome, he experiences an increasing number of tense interactions and is reluctantly dragged into local politics. When he forms a bond with the owner of the local newspaper, pressure escalates under heated rumours.

Programmer’s Note: Emin Alper, who last made A Tale of Three Sisters (2019), is one of Turkey’s most underrated directors. With Burning Days, we see him reach new filmmaking heights with a terrific slow-burn of a psychological thriller, exploring themes of power plays, injustice, the veracity of ‘truths’ and character assassination. Alper builds beat-by-beat, layer-by-layer, a sense of mounting dread and tension, culminating in one of the strongest and most satisfying denouements of the year.

Awards: Nominee – Un Certain Regard Award & Queer Palm (Cannes Film Festival); Won Best Editing (European Film Awards)

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Hall Entry: A registration booth outside The Projector Golden Mile Blue Room will open 20 mins before the session. Please show us your e-confirmation of the ticket and e-membership card for verification when requested. Free seating on a first-come-first-served basis.

SFS Showcase #15: BURNING DAYS (Sat 17 Dec, 1pm)

  • Date:Sat17Dec'22 - Sat17Dec'22
  • Location: The Projector Golden Mile