Making Waves – Navigators of Hong Kong Cinema

Like a chameleon, the Hong Kong film industry has undergone numerous changes since 1997, from the mainstream commercial fare, experimental independent arthouse cinema, mega-budget co-productions with the Mainland China, to the more personal creative statements from the emerging generation of filmmakers. Through such relentless storytelling, the filmmaking community reflects on our city’s changing landscape while capturing the decisive moments in the history of Hong Kong cinema and the everyday life of its people.  By resonating with the audience, these films transformed Hong Kong film aesthetics or heralded unprecedented awareness of sociopolitical issues, garnering international recognitions or even inspiring countless remakes.

Making Waves –  Navigators of Hong Kong Cinema will take you through the evolution of Hong Kong cinema in the past 25 years, celebrating its past success while offering insights into a new vista that will continue to build on resilience and creative innovation. This festival will consist of two parts:

  1. FILM SHOWCASE: A special curation of 8 films representative of Hong Kong cinema, screened in original Cantonese dialogue to give the audience an authentic taste of Hong Kong.
  2. PHOTO EXHIBITION: A physical photo exhibition that features behind-the-scenes photos of Hong Kong films from 4 unit photographers



光影浪潮:香港电影新动力 除电影放映外,亦举办实体展览活动,以四位香港资深剧照摄影师的作品呈現拍摄现场的精彩瞬间及幕后花絮,展示香港电影的光影浪潮。


  1. 电影放映:精挑细选8部具标志性的香港电影,以粤语原音放映,让观众体验电影中最真实的港味。
  2. 剧照展览:实体展示四位香港资深剧照摄影师的作品,有关拍摄香港电影时的珍贵幕后花絮。

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Here are the 8 selected Hong Kong films to be showcased at Golden Village Suntec.



Look Up | 一样的天空

2022 | 117min | Drama | PG13 (Some Coarse Language 些许粗俗语言)

Directors: Daniel CHAN 陈翊恒, Tim POON 潘梓然, Elvis HAU 侯楚峰, Sunny YIP 叶正恒
Starring: Kevin CHU 朱鉴然, Ivana WONG 王菀之, SHEK Sau 石修, CHU Pak Him 朱柏谦

During his time at a social welfare organisation, Shun (Kevin CHU) helps an autistic young man to discover his artistic potential. Inspired, he becomes an entrepreneur in the arts sector. As he achieves more recognition, he turns to nurturing youth talents. Look Up depicts how he paints a beautiful sky of his own through hard work, and how social inclusion brings the whole society forward. 

在社福机构打暑工时,成信(朱鉴然) 帮助患有自闭症和强迫症的恒仔发掘自身的艺术天赋。受到恒仔的启发,他与大学同学创业,以崭新的艺术创作联乘地方故事。在艺术文化领域逐渐取得成就后,他开始着手培育新一代人才。《一样的天空》叙述成信在艺术领域的成长之旅及通过共融让社会迈前一步。

Sat, 01 Oct 2022 4:20pm

Four new directors present their stories with the core values of the people of Hong Kong – “Lion Rock Spirit” – Perseverance & Solidarity.

Pretty Heart | 心裏美

2022 | 96min | Drama | PG

Director: Terry NG Ka-wai 吴家伟
Starring:  Vincent WONG Ho Shun 王浩信, Jennifer YU Heung Ying 余香凝, Hugo NG Hwee Lai 吴岱融

K.K. Ho (Vincent Wong), a leading “star tutor”, is the trump card of Lee Lung Kei (Hugo Ng), the principal of a tutorial school. Chloe (Jennifer Yu), a traditional teacher, disagrees with his teaching methods. He develops feelings for Chloe and learns that she is Principal Lee’s daughter, but has long held grudges against her father. He tries to mend their relationship, but an accident happens.  

补习天王何 Sir (王浩信),被校长李龙基(吴岱融)视为皇牌。传统中学教师 Miss Lee (余香凝)不满何 Sir 教学方法离经叛道,二人甫碰面就擦出激烈火花。后悉Miss Lee 为李校长亲女,因童年事故深恨乃父。在追求Miss Lee的同时,何Sir也尝试修复父女之间的关系。命运弄人,一场车祸随之而来。

+ Post screening Q&A

Sat, 24 Sept 2022 3:00pm

An inspirational film: Letting go is the way to move on

Septet: The Story of Hong Kong | 七人乐队

2021 | 113min | Drama | M18 (Sexual Scene 性相关画面)

Directors:  Sammo HUNG 洪金宝, Ann HUI 许鞍华, Patrick TAM 谭家明, YUEN Wo Ping 袁和平, Johnnie TO 杜琪峰, Ringo LAM 林岭东, TSUI Hark 徐克
Starring: Timmy HUNG 洪天明, Francis NG 吴镇宇, Sire MA 马赛

Hong Kong’s seven most revered directors, each with distinct styles, come together for the first time to compose a symphony of short stories that capture their feelings for Hong Kong through the 1940s till present day, paying a tribute to the golden age of Hong Kong cinema.


Sat, 24 Sept 2022 6:15pm

Seven Hong Kong directors have transformed themselves into musicians, playing a symphony of Hong Kong stories.

The First Girl I Loved | 喜欢妳是妳

2021 | 95min | Romance/Comedy | R21 (Homosexual Theme 主题涉及同性恋)

Directors: YEUNG Chiu Hoi 杨潮凯, Candy NG 吴咏珊
Starring:  Hedwig TAM Sin Yin 谈善言, Renci YEUNG Sz Wing 杨偲泳

Nam (Hedwig Tam) was invited to be Yuet (Renci Yeung)’s bridesmaid. They spent the night before the wedding together. Gazing at Yuet’s back, Nam recalled their ambiguous relationship back in school days. One treats their relationship as love, while the other deems it as growth. As the wedding brings them together again, what would they become? 

李咏蓝(谈善言) 被李芯悦(杨偲泳) 邀请成为伴娘。结婚前一晚,蓝看着悦的背影,回想二人在中学时候一段疑幻似真的感情。一人归纳为爱情,而令一位却总结为成长。这场婚礼把二人再一次拉近, 她们会如何抉择?

1st screening: (SCREENING ENDED)
Sun, 25 Sept 2022 4:00pm 

2nd screening:
Sun, 02 Oct 2022 4:00pm

A growing-up experience interwoven with a love story.
As life goes on, one discovers what true love is.

Mama’s Affair | 阿妈有咗第二个

2022 | 127min | Comedy/Drama | PG

Director: Kearen PANG 彭秀慧
Starring:  Teresa MO Shun Kwan 毛舜筠, Keung TO 姜涛, Jer LAU Ying Ting 柳应廷

MEI-FUNG (Teresa Mo), a former top artiste manager, left the industry to focus on her family after getting married. As her son HIN (Jer Lau) prepares to study overseas, she decides to resume her career and find her purpose in life. As she unearths a new star in CHING (Keung To), she draws jealousy from her son and triggers an unresolved conflict between them. 

多年前一手捧红多位巨星的经理人美凤(毛舜筠),婚后选择告别职场,相夫教子。如今儿子子轩(柳应廷) 即将到外国升读大学,美凤决定重出江湖,寻回人生价值。一次偶然机会,美凤认识了送外卖的方晴(姜涛),发现他在演艺方面的潜能,将他推向舞台并成功将他打造成为大众偶像。美凤职场上锋芒再露,却令儿子倍感冷落,揭开了母子长年未解的感情裂痕。

+ Post screening Q&A (1st screening)

1st screening: (SOLD-OUT)
Sun, 25 Sept 2022 6:30pm

Bonus screening by popular demand: (SOLD FAST)
Thur, 29 Sept 2022 7pm

Starring two members of popular boyband MIRROR in their debut film

Detective vs. Sleuths | 神探大战

2022 | 102min | Action/Crime | NC16 (Violence 暴力画面 )

Director: WAI Ka Fai 韦家辉
Starring:  Sean LAU 刘青云, Charlene CHOI 蔡卓妍, Raymond LAM 林峰

Hong Kong is rocked by a series of brutal murders, orchestrated by a group of killers claiming to be “The Chosen Sleuths”. In response, the police form a task force of “chosen sleuths” to stop them. Once a legend in the force, Jun (Sean LAU) was named “The Chosen Sleuth” before the onset of his mental illness. To prove himself, he joins the investigation. Three teams of “chosen sleuths” are about to face off in an epic battle. 


Fri, 30 Sept 2022 7:15pm

When fighting with monsters, beware of waking up your inner demon

Table for Six | 饭戏攻心

2022 | 116min | Comedy/Drama | PG13 (Some Sexual References 些许性相关语)

Director: Sunny CHAN 陈咏燊
Starring: Dayo WONG Chi Wah 黄子华, Stephy TANG 邓丽欣, Louis CHEUNG Kai Chung 张继聪

Food brings the family together. But a family reunion dinner turns awkward when Bernard (Louis CHEUNG) arrives with his new girlfriend, who happens to be his eldest brother Steve’s (Dayo WONG) old flame. With Steve’s pseudo girlfriend coming to his rescue, every dinner meal brews with imploding tension. Directed by Sunny Chan, Table for Six is your go-to comedy this month!

一个家,最紧要齐人开餐。一顿难得和睦的饭局随着二佬(张继聪)带着女友变得燶味十足,皆因女友亦是大佬(黄子华)的前任。为免日后气氛尴尬,大佬(黄子华)临时揾个女友救场。从此,每晚 6 人同桌,味蕾满足,却舌尖有伏…《逆流大叔》导演陈咏燊笑声主理, 本月率先约定你!

+ Post screening Q&A (1st screening)

1st screening: (SOLD-OUT)
Sat, 01 Oct 2022 7:00pm

Bonus screening by popular demand: (SOLD-OUT)
Mon, 03 Oct 2022 7:00pm

This year’s most warm & meaningful comedy.


Limbo |  智齿

2021 | 118min | Drama | M18 (Sexual Violence and Violence 性暴力及暴力画面)

Director:  Soi CHEANG 郑保瑞
Starring:  LAM Ka-Tung 林家栋, Cya LIU 刘雅瑟, Mason LEE 李淳, Hiroyuki IKEUCH 池内博之

Rookie policeman Will (Mason LEE) partners with veteran cop Cham (LAM Ka-Tung) to pursue a brutal murderer. They use the criminal Wong (Yase LIU), who caused the death of Cham’s family, as bait. Surrounded by insane bouts of violence, Will falls victim to the serial killer and she fights with her own means. Danger is looming in the city… 


Sun, 02 Oct 2022 6:20pm

We’re more powerless when fighting to stay alive than the dead.

About The Exhibition 关于展览

Since the pioneering days of cinema, still photography has been an integral part of the marketing and promotion of films, capturing characters and scenes, ambience and emotions on set to portray the perfect moment.

Unit photographers have the challenging role of capturing key moments without disrupting the shoot. Through their distinctive perspectives and aesthetics, we see remarkable still images of actors on and off-screen, the intriguing filming process, Hong Kong’s unique landscape, and the creative paths that local filmmakers are forging ahead.

This photo exhibition comprises four sections: Images Reimagined, Behind-the-scenes, Enchanting Stars, and Unsung Heroes, showcasing the works of four unit photographers, Jupiter Wong, Wong Wai-lun, Quist Tsang, and Sharon Salad, who have created exceptional still images for nearly 200 local films over the last 25 years – each telling a unique story of Hong Kong cinema in a new artistic dimension and fascination.

Visit the exhibition at Suntec City East Atrium Level 1 from 20 September to 3 October 2022, 10am to 10pm.






Still photographs offer a sneak peek of a film, arousing interest and inspiring imaginations. Through their distinct perspectives and aesthetics, unit photographers open a window to the entire film.

This selection of still images comprises many of the memorable scenes in Hong Kong cinema, bringing an intriguing new dimension to the films. It is precisely these nuanced emotions, unnoticed sentiments and intense aura reflected in the great photos that have enhanced Hong Kong films, making them enduring and unforgettable.




2.1 DIRECTORS ON SET (导演现场指导)

As the driving force of the film, the film director is responsible for nearly every aspect of the shoot. Their working style and personality have a direct impact on set. Half an insider and half an observer, unit photographers observe how the director evokes emotions from the actors, oversees the production crews, while sometimes lost in thoughts. These still photographs offer invaluable insights into their mind and soul.


2.2 JUST DO IT (想得到、拍得到)

Hong Kong is a city always on the move. Making shots on busy streets packed with people with a changing environment is a constant challenge for local filmmakers. Flexible and dynamic, the production crews are always ready to overcome all sorts of problems. Their sheer efficiency, focus and precise division of labour in filming action sequences are widely acclaimed across the world. These behind-the-scenes stills fully manifest the fast pace, unparalleled energy and competency of Hong Kong filmmakers.



3.1 AVENUE OF STARS (星光大道)

Just as characters are an essential part of any good story, actors and stars play a key role in Hong Kong cinema, both for the film itself and for marketing and promotion. On and off-screen, the actor’s fleeting emotional reactions are captured through still photographs, with the very moment of their radiance and charm crystallised. An iconic shot embodies an indelible image that represents the actor and the film forever.

任何电影都需要人物角色,演员或明星在香港电影中不可或缺,亦是宣传重点。在摄影镜头之外,剧照师尝试捕捉演员一瞬即逝的表情反应,聚焦呈现他们的光芒魅力,是万变不离的课题。 香港电影中出色的影星多不胜数,他们触动人心的演绎、惊艳的造型都可以在一张张的剧照中流传,成为永恒的瞬间。


A city that never sleeps, Hong Kong’s night view is mesmerising, evoking an aura of mystery and fascination. Taking stills of night scenes under insufficient lighting poses significant challenges for unit photographers, who have to manage their equipment, colour, light and shadow all on their own. Be it a scene of intense conflicts, grave danger, or elusive enigma, a great still is all it takes to reflect the decisive moments.


Unit photographer is a role too often neglected and misunderstood in the film industry. Their value is not readily recognised by the audience, and their effort is not regarded as a direct contribution to the film itself. These impressive still images showcase the remarkable talent of four Hong Kong unit photographers, offering a glimpse of their distinguished style, in recognition of their contributions to Hong Kong cinema.


Jupiter WONG 木星

Starting out as an assistant director, Jupiter WONG has already developed a habit in bringing along his camera to take photos on set, making records for the crew members. His talent in still photography was discovered by director Ann Hui during the production of Eighteen Springs (1997). As per her suggestion, Jupiter embarked on his career as a unit photographer. He has published three photo books, assembling his best works of film stills as a unit photographer.


WONG Wai Lun 王伟伦

Before joining the film industry, WONG Wai Lun worked in information technology and developed his interest in photography. In 2003, he was referred by Jupiter WONG to learn film stills photography with professional unit photographer Billy WONG Hung-Fei. In recent years, he often worked with directors like Peter Ho-sun CHAN, Soi CHEANG and Derek Kwok-cheung TSANG.


Quist Tsang 曾觅

At the age of 17, Quist TSANG started her career as a professional photographer. She worked as an in-house photographer at City Magazine, and was also involved in the visual design of various art forms such as fashion, dance and advertising. She joined the film industry in 2012 as both a unit photographer and a poster designer. Her fascination with vibrant colours brings personality to her works. Her photo book publications include Lady Luminance (2008) and The Unforeseen Mile: A Journey Across America (2013). Facebook, Instagram: @Quistography

17岁之时,担任《号外》杂志合约摄影师开始专业摄影的工作,随后活跃于艺术及设计范畴,如时装、舞蹈及广告等。2012年开始,她以剧照摄影和海报设计等身份涉足电影圈。曾觅曾出版个人摄影集《Lady Luminance》(2008)及 《The Unforeseen Mile: A Journey Across America》(2013)。

Sharon Salad 李诗卉

Sharon Salad studied Fashion Photography in the UK. She was introduced by Jupiter WONG to join the production of A Simple Life (2012) and began her professional career as a unit photographer after graduation. She has worked for over 30 films in the past decade, including The Midnight After (2014) and Anita (2021). When taking film stills, Sharon often lets herself guided by the ambience on set and focuses on capturing the mood of the moment. She has published a photo book 60 Days: Odyssey to the End of the World (2014). Instagram: @saladd

李诗卉于英国修读时装摄影。在木星介绍下参与《桃姐》(2012)的制作,毕业回港后开展了剧照拍摄的工作,10年间为超过30部电影拍摄剧照 ,包括《那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角开往大埔的红Van》(2014)及《梅艳芳》(2021)等。曾出版摄影集《60 Days: Odyssey to the End of the World》(2014)。