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Celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Singapore, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Singapore and Singapore Film Society is organising the Turkish Film Festival 2019!

With support from the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this year’s lineup features stories of different people from different walks of life, from the child of a honey collector to a Turkish minister in the 19th century.

Tickets are free on a first-come-first-served basis at the Embassy counter in the cinema foyer one hour before each screening!

7 Dec, 9:20pm | 10 Dec, 6:30pm
dir. Ahmet Katıksız
2018 | Turkey | Drama, Sport | Turkish with English subtitles | 130 mins

A true love and success story from the 1990s Turkey, revolving around a jockey (Halis Karatas), a horse (Bold Pilot) and the daughter of the horse’s owner who is at the same time the voluntary caretaker of the horse.


7 Dec, 6:30pm | 9 Dec, 6:30pm | 10 Dec, 9:20pm
dir. Mitsutoshi Tanaka
2015 | Japan | Drama, History | Turkish and Japanese with English subtitles | 132 mins

True story of two key events in Turkish-Japanese relations, which deepened the friendship between two nations.

7 Dec, 4pm | 8 Dec, 6:50pm | 9 Dec, 9:20pm
dir. Ömer Faruk Sorak
2011 | Turkey | Drama | Turkish with English Subtitles | 118 mins

Two lovers come across each other again in Istanbul, 25 years later.


6 Dec, 6:50pm | 8 Dec, 4:10pm | 11 Dec, 9;20pm

dir. Cem Yılmaz and Ali Taner Baltacı
2006 | Turkey | Drama, Comedy | Turkish with English subtitles | 122 mins

Failed magician Iskender decides to do a tour to save his career, but has to bring his grumpy and senile father along. The tour is quite unexpectedly interrupted when a bride actually disappears from the stage.

6 Dec, 9:30pm | 8 Dec, 9:25pm | 11 Dec, 7pm
dir. Semih Kaplanoğlu
2010| Turkey | Drama | Turkish with English subtitles | 103 mins

In this 2010 Berlin Film Festival Golden Bear Award Winner, the quiet life of a boy and his family is endangered when his father does not return home from his work collecting honey in the forest.


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