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Thus Have I Seen Buddhist Film Festival (THISBFF) is back for the 5th edition with a lineup of 16 specially curated films with Buddhist themes and values.


22 Sept, Sat 12.30pm / 26 Sept, Wed 6.45pm
dir. Tetsuo Shinohara
2017 | Japan | Drama | In Japanese with English subtitles | PG | 127 mins

Flower and Sword follows the tribulations of a monk as he works with flowers to bring peace to the land. Senko Ikenobo is one of the ‘flower monks’ of Rokkakudo Temple. Due to his exceptional skills in Ikebana, Senko is thrusted into the limelight as he attempts to pacify the murderous tendencies of warlords during this war-torn period of medieval Japan. Spanning decades in its narration, Flower and Sword is a rare film on the art of Ikebana and features famous Kyogen actor Mansai Nomura.

22 Sept, Sat 3.4pm
dir. Kanitta Kwanyoo
2015 | Thailand | Horror | InThai with English subtitles | PG13 | 82 mins

Karma portrays 19-year-old Sun, who becomes a fugitive after he ran over a girl in an accident. To escape the law, he unwillingly ordains as a novice in a remote north-eastern forest monastery without real faith. On the night after his ordination, he steps on the offering to the hungry ghost and the act brings him to a confrontation with a hungry ghost who comes to ask for the merit that was lost due to his action. In the meantime, he is also haunted by the ghost of the girl who died in the accident.

22 Sept, Sat 6.30pm*
dir. Dechen Roder
2016 | Bhutan | Drama | In Dzongkha with English subtitles | PG | 132 mins

Detective Kinley is sent to a remote region of Bhutan to investigate the disappearance of a Buddhist nun. He goes undercover and enters a risky alliance with his only suspect, a mysterious and alluring young woman named Choden, known to the villagers as a demoness. As Choden first draws Kinley into her world, his supervisor takes him off the case, sending Kinley spiralling into delirium and nightmares. Honeygiver Among the Dogs is the debut feature of Bhutanese director Dechen Roder, one of the Himalayan nation’s few female directors. Her film merges spirituality and tradition with the classic hallmarks of the film noir genre.

23 Sept, Sun 11am
dir. Rocky Walls
2018 | Denmark | Drama, Comedy | English | PG13 | 90 mins

“Hygge” has exploded in popularity amidst growing division and distrust around the world, but the Danish word and its definition is more complicated than it seems. For those who seek happiness, this exploratory documentary travels around the globe to discover the true meaning of “hygge”. Rocky Walls makes his directorial debut with the documentary feature film Finding Hygge. The co-founder of 12 Stars Media, a video production company focused on telling stories that help make the world a better place, Walls led his team on a mission to discover what role “hygge” plays in making Denmark one of the happiest countries on the planet.


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