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The Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA) is one of the biggest short film festivals in the world today. Started in 1999 by actor Tetsuya Bessho, who was inspired after attending the Sundance Film Festival, the festival aims to introduce Japanese audiences to short films, a format that many Japanese people were unfamiliar with back then. Now, SSFF is a well-known qualifying festival for the Academy Awards.

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Michi’s Suburban Commute 美知の通勤電車
2018 / 17 min / Drama / Japanese with English subtitles / G
Dir. Tsugihisa TANAKA 田中 嗣久

Michi is only 3 years old. Her mother is irritated at her husband who doesn’t help in caring for their child. She takes Michi’s hand and goes to the train station. Today is the first day at work.

Surrounded by a crowd of commuters, Michi is scared and can’t walk. She finds herself meeting generous people, even in an uncomfortably crowded train.


The Devil in the Afternoon 午後の悪魔
2017 / 15 min / Drama / Japanese with English subtitles / PG
Dir. Mayu NAKAMURA 中村 真夕

An actor is practicing his lines at a park. One day, he is accused of sexually abusing a young girl by a group of young moms. This film depicts the dark side of a peaceful middle class family. 


The Fire Celebration at Kurama くらまの火祭
2017 / 4:26 min / Animation / Japanese with English subtitles / PG
Dir. Yosuke TANI 谷 耀介

Yuki Shrine in Kurama, Kyoto; a place where a fire celebration organized by the city is held. This is a fusion of a documentary and fantasy story where humans, the deity, and the ghosts come together to create the festival.  


The Mayor’s New Clothes 王様の選択
2018 / 21 min / Drama / Japanese with English subtitles / PG
Dir. Hiroyuki SHINTANI 新谷 寛行

Ohno jokingly ran for mayor of the town and he actually won. He is invited to a conference organized by the city to announce an official coat by a famous designer. But nobody can see the coat… A tale that w shows how politeness can cover shame, vanity and stupidity.



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