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Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) returns for its 29th edition as it promises to be yet another exciting event to celebrate Asian storytellers, nurture a new generation of filmmakers and propel their works to an international audience. The festival continues to cement its position as the film platform in Southeast Asia to showcase quality independent cinema and engage with regional filmmakers. SGIFF will run 28 Nov to 9 Dec 2018 and feature 103 films from 44 countries, across genres and presentations, screening a mix of festival favourites and unearthing undiscovered gems.


28 Nov, Wed 8pm
dir. Ho Wi Ding
2018 | Taiwan, China, USA | Crime, Drama | Mandarin, English | 107 mins | R21

Shot on expired 35mm film stock, this portrait of a man unfolds – in reverse – via three women who each play a pivotal role in his identity. The tale concludes – or begins – with Big Sister Wang, a criminal ambushed by the police at a night market. At the police station, she is handcuffed to a bench next to an 18-year-old Zhang, himself arrested for a petty crime. As they await sentencing, Wang and Zhang realise the surprising things they have in common.

05 Dec, Wed 7pm
dir. Craig McTurk
2018 | Singapore | Documentary | In Teochew, Mandarin, English | 88 mins | TBC

Dismembered limbs. Topless mermaids. Crabs with human heads. These Chinese folklore-themed statues are seared into the minds of visitors to Singapore’s Haw Par Villa. But no one knows them as well as Teo Veoh Seng. Decades ago, he started out as an apprentice at the park, which opened in the 1930s; now, at 83, Teo has finally decided to retire. Though his successors prepare for his departure, what will be lost when the master craftsman steps down?

2 Dec, Sun 2pm
dir. Yasmin Ahmad
2004 | Malaysia | Romance, Comedy, Drama | In English, Malay, Mandarin | 104 mins | PG

To others, Orked and Jason’s romance seems like it shouldn’t work. Orked is a middle-class Malay girl while Jason is a Chinese boy who makes a living selling bootleg DVDs. But as their unlikely relationship deepens, the pair find ways to bridge the gaps between their two worlds. Released in 2004, Sepet was criticised for its subject matter and portrayal of Islamic women, but it found its way onto international screens as a Malaysian gem.

02 Dec, Sun 8pm
dir. Mag Hsu, Hsu Chih-yen
2018 | Taiwan | Drama, Romance | In Mandarin with English subtitles | 99 mins | R21

Song (Taiwanese rocker and composer Spark Chen) dies of cancer, leaving in his wake a son, a wife and a male lover—Jay (Roy Chiu), who has been named the sole beneficiary of Song’s life insurance policy. A battle ensues between Song’s enraged and neurotic widow, San-lian (Hsieh Ying-xuan), and the cantankerous Jay over who is more deserving of the money—in other words, which of them was more loved by Song.



Singapore International Film Festival 2018 (SGIFF) takes place across several screening venues: Capitol Theatre, The Cathay, Filmgarde Bugis+, National Gallery Singapore, National Museum of Singapore. Tickets can be purchased online on SISTIC or through SISTIC Authorised Agents.

Ticket prices*:
Opening Film: $25
Special Presentation: $15
All other films: $12
*All prices exclusive of SISTIC fee

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