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The 12th edition of Perspectives Film Festival is happening on 24-27 October 2019!

This year’s PFF theme is “Crossroads” — where we witness how traditional notions of what it means to be at an intersection, are deconstructed and redefined. This year’s lineup explores relationships between people, places, and even a multitude of ideas. The films will unearth how these cinematic aspects interact with one another in revelatory ways, and almost always with reverberating impact.

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Perspectives Film Festival will open with the Cannes 2019 Best Documentary winner, FOR SAMA (2019). A repeat screening of FOR SAMA (2019) on 27 Oct as well.

24 Oct, 8pm & 27 Oct, 1.30pm
dir. Waad Al-Kateab & Edward Watts
2019 | Syria | Documentary | Arabic with English subtitles | NC16 – Some Mature Content | 95 mins

Armed with a camcorder and tireless optimism, Al-Kateab records down her personal journey of falling in love, marriage and childbirth amidst the violent authoritarian clampdown. “The film is the only weapon I have to fight against the regime.”


25 Oct, 8pm
dir. Jim Jarmusch
1991 | USA | Comedy/Drama | Various languages with English subtitles | M18 – Scene of Intimacy | 129 mins

One night in five cities, five different taxi drivers pick up passengers that would transpire into varying dramatic encounters. Set against the playful narrative of the film, Night on Earth carefully treads the underlying tensions between conflicting personalities, occupations, races, and faiths forced to coexist momentarily.

26 Oct, 1.30pm
dir. Hirokazu Kore-eda
1998 | Japan | Drama | Japanese with English Subtitles | TBA | 118 mins


Shot in a faux-documentary style punctuated by moments of lyrical beauty, After Life asks of us to reflect on our existence and relationships with our loved ones, and in the process, it reveals so much and with such subtlety about what it means to let go.

(Screened in 35mm)
26 Oct, 4.30pm

dir. Jean Renoir
1951 | UK/India/France | Drama/Romance| English and Bengali  | PG | 99 mins


Harriet, a British girl, recalls her childhood days in India where she fell in love with Captain John, an American ex-military man with a prosthetic leg. However, complications arise when she has to fight with her childhood friends in order to win the Captain’s affections and attention.

(Singapore Premiere — 4K Restoration)
26 Oct, 8pm
dir. Felipe Cazals
1976 | Mexico | Drama| Spanish with English subtitles | NC16 – Some Violence | 115 mins

The disturbing narrative of the Canoa incident hints at the inevitable disharmony when religious fundamentalism conflicts with political agenda, serving as a powerful cautionary tale for present-day countries that face similar tensions.

27 Oct, 4pm
(Singapore Premiere)
dir. Agnés Varda
1966 | France | Drama/Sci-Fi | French with English subtitles | PG | 92 mins


When Edgar Piccoli, a sci-fi novelist, moves into a new town with his mute wife, strange occurrences are abound: the town’s residents begin to act terribly towards one another, wrecking relationships within minutes.

27 Oct, 7.30pm
(Singapore Premiere)
dir. Various directors
2019 | New Zealand | Anthology/Drama | English, Moari, Samoan & Tonga with English subtitles | PG | 88 mins

Eight shorts are filmed in poetic long takes along islands such as Fiji, Samoa and Tonga, highlighting pivotal moments experienced by the titular character, who has to decide between championing her culture and ambitions or succumb to the pull of modernisation.


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