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New Waves shines a spotlight on young filmmakers who are making waves through the archipelago, forming an emerging community within Southeast Asia. Join them in a film screening and dialogue with guest speakers from different disciplines, centered upon their unique and personal approaches to utilising film as a mode of expression. Come participate in these open dialogue sessions to find out more about this emerging community of filmmakers in anticipation of the 29th edition of the Singapore International Film Festival end-2018.


Special Edition — Asian Three-Fold Mirror: Reflections

In dialogue with Janice Koh

Directed by Brillante Mendoza, Isao Yukisada, and Sotho Kulikar, Asian Three-Fold Mirror: Reflections is an omnibus feature film initialed by the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Japan Foundation Asia Centre that encourages the potential of cross-cultural exchange between Southeast Asia and Japan.

In this special edition of New Waves, we invite actress Sharifah Amani to share her experience working with Isao Yukisada on the segment Pigeon, the director’s homage to the late Malaysian director Yasmin Ahmad which was shot in Penang. In dialogue with established actress and former Nominated Member of Parliament Janice Koh, Sharifah will provide her personal insights into the convergence of filmmaking practice from both countries, the lessons learnt, as well as the challenges faced in this unique cross-cultural exchange.


Short Film Screenings:

  • Reflections: Asian Three-Fold Mirror (Director: Brillante Mendoza, Isao Yukisada, and Sotho Kulikar / Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines / 2016 / 118min)

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