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Please note that the films screened on 3rd and 4th Nov are the same set of films.


The Singapore Film Society is pleased to collaborate with the Macau Cultural Heritage Reinventing Studies Association for a short film exchange showcase.

On 21 October, the finalist films of the Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition (HSFC) were screened in Macau. Join us this weekend as we screen the winning films of the Macau Heritage Short Film Competition.

In attendance are programmers and filmmakers from the Macau competition. There will be a post-screening Q&A.


Our 2018 Finalist Films are (in no particular order)

尋找澳門的味道 Taste of Macau (G)
This video introduces the history of an old bakery in Taipa, Fong Kei, founded more than a century ago, as well as a variety of its famous street food. 短片介紹了這間位於澳門氹仔的創立了多個世紀的老餅店-晃記,其歷史及各種著名的 傳統小食。

澳門,情懷味 Macau. Story (G)
茶餐廳文化已經有很多年的歷史,菠蘿油、蛋撻、火腿通粉丶奶茶、和西多士等一系 列茶餐廳美食更是伴隨着很多澳門人的成長,今次我們來到相傳澳門最古老的冰室茶 餐廳——南屏雅敘。
Cha chaan teng has been a part of the city’s culture for decades. Pineapple buns, egg tarts, ham macaroni, milk tea, toasts and numerous of food are the delicious memories of Macao residents. This time, let us lead you to explore one of the most historical Cha chaan teng in Macau —— Nam Ping Cafe.

拾遺咖啡館 Café Lost & Found (G)
澳門小城,美味菜式中西交融; 傳統美食,只差我們用心發掘。 今天,就讓我們一起拾「遺」。
Macau, a small city where Chinese and Western influences blend to create its delicious cuisines; Traditional cuisine awaits our discovery.

手作杏仁餅 Almond Cookie (G)
This film records the production of Almond Cookies in Macau, and the views of the master chefs, on changes in the industry in recent years.

全國雞 Global Chicken (G)
土生葡人美食烹飪技藝在 2012 年被列入澳門非物質文化遺產名錄,那麼「土生葡菜」
Portuguese cuisine was listed in the Macau Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2012. How did the famous Portuguese dish “Portuguese Chicken”, take a place of importance, in this “Gourmet Capital”?

三十 (PG)

30 短片以安德魯和瑪嘉烈這對夫婦共同創立了本地化的葡萄牙式蛋撻的故事, 以及他們 之間交織的感情,反映出創作者面對踏入 30 歲人生的想法。
This video introduces the intertwined relationship between Andrew and Margaret, the couple co-founding the localized Portuguese-style egg tart, from which reflection upon my life turning 30 is drawn.

味道‧回憶 Hello, Memories (G)
A woman was working on her writing when she suddenly missed her favourite noodle shop since childhood, Ching Kei Noodles. Searching the taste of Macau.

遗城之味 Taste of the Heritage City (G)
人生的喜怒哀乐,就像美食的甜酸苦辣一样:甜令人快乐,酸令人皱眉,苦令人无奈, 辣令人急躁。不同的味道,总会令人想到自己的经历,􏰂尽人生的高低起伏,就能够 发现到属于自己的美好; 尝尽澳门的甜酸苦辣,才能找到属于这个城市的味道
The joys and sorrows of life are like the different tastes of food: sweetness cause happiness; sourness brings a frown; bitterness causes helplessness; and spiciness causes angst. Different tastes will always remind you of your own experience. Going through the ups and downs of your life, you will be able to discover your own goodness. If you taste the different tastes of Macau, you can find the taste of this city.


The films are in multiple languages, and subtitled in English.

Free admission to general public, all are welcome!

Total Screening Time: about 40 minutes


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