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In conjunction with National Day, the inaugural edition of Lumination sets its sights on uncovering Singapore’s hidden stories. This season of programmes in the month of August cast a greater, fuller gaze at the ‘Singaporean Identity’, through the lens of written and spoken narratives. Lumination invites audiences to rediscover and reconnect with the quieter parts of the Singaporean conversation, strengthening the belief that we are always more than just a little red dot.


4 August, Sat, 2.30pm
dir. Jerrold Chong
2017 | PG13 | 45 mins
30-min post-show dialogue with the filmmakers

Utter is a Singapore Writers Festival initiative which shows the best of Singapore writing and celebrates its potential to be adapted into different media and across languages, giving audiences a deeper understanding of our home-grown authors. In this year’s edition, Utter 2017: SingLit Unearthed, we highlight the poetry and stories of four highly-distinguished writers—JM Sali, Gregory Nalpon, Tan Swie Hian, and former deputy prime minister S. Rajaratnam. They have been adapted with nuance and sensitivity by veterans K. Rajagopal and Lee Thean-jeen into live-action short films, and with boundless imagination by Henry and Harry Zhuang, and Jerrold Chong into animation shorts, respectively.

5 August, Sun, 4.30pm
dir. Boo Junfeng
2010 | NC16 | 92 mins
in Mandarin, English and Hokkien with English subtitles

In this coming-of-age debut feature film by Boo Jun Feng, 18-year-old En’s mandatory enlistment into the Singaporean army is shaken by a series of events and disclosures that threaten to alter his world view forever. The taste of his first romance, the death of his grandfather, his grandmother’s worsening Alzheimer’s disease, his schoolteacher mother’s affair with an uptight military commander, and En’s newfound awareness of his late father’s student activist past all contribute to his decision to reevaluate the pieces of his life before they are erased by the tides of time.

11 August, Sat, 7.30pm
dir. Ben Slater and Sherman Ong
2015 | PG | 40 mins
in Malay with English and Chinese subtitles
15-mins post-show dialogue with the filmmakers

A “has-been who never was”, the late Tony Yeow was involved in film, television and theatre in Singapore for 45 years. He co-directed and produced Ring of Fury, Singapore’s first and only kung fu film in the 1970s, was a key crew member for Peter Bogdanovich’s Saint Jack in 1978, and inadvertently kick-started the revival of feature films in Singapore in the 1990s. All of his films were flops or failures, and yet Tony was always dreaming about his next movie. This documentary, takes us on a journey through a rich and complex part of Singapore’s cultural history, as it celebrates the extraordinary spirit that kept Tony Yeow going.

11 August, Sat, 2.30pm
dir. Eva Tang
2016 | PG | 128 mins
in Mandarin with English and Chinese subtitles

The Songs We Sang, a documentary by Singapore filmmaker Eva Tang, is a vivid and in-depth look into the journey of Xinyao since its birth. Steeped in history and authenticity, this detailed documentary captures the spirit of a Singapore culture that has since become a significant part of a nation’s collective cultural heritage. Taking its title from a pivotal seminar on Xinyao held by the Mandarin student publication Nanyang Students in 1982, The Songs We Sang is infused with the energy, enthusiasm and creative courage of xinyao and its artists, and looks towards future generations of artists who will colour Singapore’s cultural tapestry.

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