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As one of the main highlights of the Korea Festival, the Film Festival is a perennial favourite amongst locals and resident Koreans.  This year’s festive line-up, featuring eight critically-acclaimed award-winning and nominated films from various national and international film festivals, will be screened over two weekends from 18 to 27 October.

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26 Oct (Sat), 4:30pm & 27 Oct (Sun), 7pm
dir. LEE Chang-dong
2018 | South Korea | Drama, Mystery | Korean with English subtitles | M18 | 148 mins

Deliveryman Jongsu is out on a job when he runs into Haemi, a girl who once lived in his neighborhood. She asks if he’d mind looking after her cat while she’s away on a trip to Africa. On her return she introduces to Jongsu an enigmatic young man named Ben, who she met during her trip. And one day Ben tells Jongsu about his most unusual hobby…


20 Oct (Sun), 7pm & 27 Oct (Sun), 2pm
dir. KANG Ho-jun, JANG Se-jung, BYUN Si-yeon
2016 | South Korea | Documentary | Korean with English Subtitles | PG | 98 mins

Ji-hwang wants to be a farmer rather than an office worker, Ha-seok is striving to find what he truly wants, and Du-hyeon dreams of being the head of his hometown village Gangnu Maeul. These three guys gathered to form a team called the ‘Emergency Rations.’ Determined to live well as farmers in Korea where it’s hard for farmers to make ends meet, the trio decide to go for an agricultural around-the-world travel to explore how farmers in other countries farm and live. The goal: to come up with an ‘acceptable’ business model.


20 Oct (Sun), 3:30pm & 26 Oct (Sat), 6:30pm & 27 Oct (Sun), 3:40pm
dir. LEE Han 
2019 | South Korean | Drama | Korean with English Subtitles | NC16 | 129 mins

‘Soon-ho’ who once worked as a lawyer for a civil rights organization has set aside his beliefs and joined a large law firm.

Working on a major case that could make him a partner, he wants to put ‘Ji-woo’ , a teenager with autism and the only witness, on the stand to prove the innocence of a murder suspect. ‘Ji-woo’ has difficulties communicating, living in a world of her own. ‘Soon-ho’ tracks her down to ask her about what she witnessed, but is unable to even make a proper introduction. However, ‘Soon-ho’ does not give up and he tries to get ‘Ji-woo’ to open up. In time, he begins to understand ‘Ji-woo’ but the two are destined to meet in court as witness and attorney. The truth was revealed when the hearts were opened.


20 Oct (Sun), 2pm & 26 Oct (Sat), 1pm
dir. OH Seong-yun
2011 | South Korean | Drama, Adventure | Korean with English subtitles | PG | 93 mins

On a chicken farm among hundreds of hens is Leafie, an amazing hen who dreams of a life outside her cage. She manages to escape from the captivity using her wit only to find herself being hunted down by the weasel, One Eye. But she is saved by Wanderer, the brave guardian duck. As she gets used to life in the wild, Leafie realizes that Wanderer has a beautiful female duck with white feathers as a mate. Then one day, his mate is killed by One Eye. Leafie enters their nest and finds a warm egg and sits on it tenderly. Time passes and the egg hatches on the night that Wanderer gets killed by One Eye. Seeing a patch of green on the baby’s head, Leafie names him Greenie and takes care of him as her son. They move to the swamp where Leafie manages to find a home. However, the difference between a mother chicken and her baby duck proves challenging.

25 Oct (Fri), 6:50pm & 27 Oct (Sun), 6:40pm
dir. YIM Soon-rye
2018 | South Korean | Drama | Korean with English subtitles | PG | 98 mins

No job, bad romance, and terrible grades… Nothing goes smooth in young Hye-won’s life in a big city. She puts her unsolved matters behind and impulsively returns her hometown. There she reunions her childhood friends Jae-ha and Eun-sook who carry their unusual rural life on their own way. From that winter Hye-won’s days are filled with simple but peaceful moments; having meal with her organic ingredients. All through 4 seasons Hye-won slowly finds the real pleasure of living a simple life, and realizes the genuine reason to return homeland. New spring is approaching, and she puts the first step in her brand new life.

19 Oct (Sat), 6:30pm & 20 Oct (Sun), 6:30pm & 26 Oct (Sat), 1pm
dir. BONG Joon-ho
2019 | South Korean | Drama | Korean with English subtitles | M18 | 131 mins

Ki-taek’s family of four is close, but fully unemployed, with a bleak future ahead of them. The son Ki-woo is recommended by his friend, a student at a prestigious university, for a well-paid tutoring job, spawning hopes of a regular income. Carrying the expectations of all his family, Ki-woo heads to the Park family home for an interview. Arriving at the house of Mr. Park, the owner of a global IT firm, Ki-woo meets Yeon-kyo, the beautiful young lady of the house. But following this first meeting between the two families, an unstoppable string of mishaps lies in wait.

19 Oct (Sat), 4pm
dir. BAEK Seung-hwa
2016 | South Korean | Drama | Korean with English subtitles | PG13 | 93 mins

Due to congenital motion sickness syndrome, hight school student Man-bok must walk to and from school each day, which takes 4 hours. Amazed by her willingness to walk such a long distance to school, her homeroom teacher introduces her to race walking. Without dreams and bright future to look forward to, Man-bok begins to appreciate race walking. A track and field senior Su-Ji was suspicious of Man-bok’s sudden passion of the sport, but she starts to open up and they work together to prep for the national competition. But the distance to where the competition is taking place, is over 70km from her home. Can Man-bok overcome this massive obstacle and participate in the competition?

26 Oct (Sat), 3:30pm
dir. KANG Hyoung-chul
2018 | South Korean | Drama | Korean with English subtitles | NC16 | 133 mins

During the Korean War in 1951, the newly appointed chief to the largest POW camp in Koje plans to make a dance team of the prisoners to improve the camp’s public image. The ‘Swing Kids’ dance team consists of ‘ROH Ki-soo’ (DOH Kyung-soo), the POW camp’s biggest troublemaker, ‘YANG Pallae’ (PARK Hye-su), an unauthorized interpreter who speaks 4 languages, ‘KANG Byung-sam’ (OH Jung-se), a man who wants to become famous to find his wife, ‘Xiao Fang’ (KIM Min-ho), a malnourished Chinese dancer with surprising moves, and ‘Jackson’ (Jared Grimes), the leader who used to tap dance on Broadway. The dance team, which consists of people of different nationalities, languages, ideologies, backgrounds and skills, faces a dark, uncertain future as their debut stage approaches…


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