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The Japanese Film Festival (JFF) is a platform to raise interest in Japanese films and draw in a larger audience in the ASEAN countries. JFF provides opportunities for people to gather offline and online, under the vision of building a system for an extensive bridge between the Asia-Pacific film market and the Japanese film industry.

To increase interest in Japanese films and create new market opportunities for Japanese films, the following three schemes are planned: strengthening the network by carrying out the Japanese film festivals in the ASEAN countries and Australia, organizing PR event that fans can participate in, and constructing an online platform.

JFF has been a mainstay in Singapore’s vibrant film festival landscape for decades. First started in 1983, the main objective of the festival is to promote the appreciation of Japanese cinema and culture in Singapore, and to deepen the bonds within community of Japanese film fans. In the past 3 years, the festival has averaged close to 4,000 annual attendees.





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