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Israel Film Festival (IFF) is back for a 27th edition and this year’s a real special year. Israel & Singapore commemorates 50 years of prosperous diplomatic ties and IFF is one of the highlights of their Jubilee celebration. Get to know and experience Israel’s culture through some of the best films in Israeli cinema.

Tickets sell at $9 on weekdays & $13 on weekends.



29 Aug, 7pm & 1 Sep, 3pm
dir. Avi Nesher
2018 | Israel | Drama | Hebrew with English subtitles | NC16 | 112 mins

Avi Nesher has once again provided us a compelling story of a woman’s decision to marry a recently converted member into Jerusalem’s orthodox community.  Against her parents’ wishes, the family plans and plots of ways to disrupt the upcoming nuptials leading to an unexpected outcome. (The story is based on ‘Hazara Betshuva’ – returning to faith, where young secular Jews are turning to orthodox Judaism.)


30 Aug, 9:30pm
dir. Amikam Kovner, Assaf Snir
2018 | Israel | Drama, Mystery | Hebrew with English Subtitles | M18 | 98 mins

Avner is a chief engineer in a big mining project in the north of Israel. He is happily married and has 2 beautiful children. He leads a good life until one day he receives a traffic report by mail. And just like that, everything changes. In this convincing, true-to-life exploration of the intricacies of relationships, engineer Avner suspects his psychologist wife Ella of having an affair.


31 Aug, 3pm
dir. Jacob Goldwasser
2018 | Israel | Comedy, Drama | Hebrew with English Subtitles | PG | 98 mins

‘Laces’ tells the story of a complicated relationship between an aging father and his special-needs son, whom he abandoned while he was still a young boy. Yet when his mother’s suddenly passes on, Gadi is forced to begin a life with his estranged father. Reuven, Gadi’s father, absorbed in his own problems, has always been put off by interactions with his unusual son.


31 Aug, 5.30pm
dir. Ofir Trainin
2018 | Israel | Documentary| Hebrew with English subtitles | R21 | 60 mins

Amit, a husband and father of four, living in Nahariya, a small traditional town in Israel, completely changes the lives of his entire family when he reveals that he’s a transgender woman. Amit’s wife, Galit, decides to stick with Amit through this journey. Despite personal difficulties and social stigmas, the family insists on staying together, believing that love will overcome all difficulties.

31 Aug, 7.20pm
dir. Eliran Malka
2018 | Israel | Comedy, Drama | Hebrew with English subtitles | PG | 99 mins

Based on real-life events set in 1983, Eliran Malka’s well scripted dark comedy is centred around Yakov, a printer in Jerusalem and a regular guy. When his daughter is expelled from school for ethnic reasons, he decides to fight back. With no political experience, no money and no connections, his only drawcard is his will and passion to take action on behalf of the Sephardic Jews.

1 Sep, 5.30pm
dir. Itzik Kricheli, Ben Bachar
2018 | Israel | Comedy | Hebrew with English subtitles | NC16 | 99 mins

This laugh-out-loud army-buddy movie combines screwball comedy, romance and music to great success. Three bumbling Israeli reserve soldiers, who are members of a military rock band, try to find their way to safety after getting left behind enemy lines in Hezbollah territory.


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