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Experience the very best of Cantonese films at the Hong Kong Film Festival at GV Tiong Bahru, from 26 July to 1 August 2018!

You won’t want to miss Kara Wei’s scintillating performance in the unique dramedy HAPPINESS, which led to her picking up her third Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress. Another must-watch performance is that of leading lady Carina Lau’s in the poignant love story IN YOUR DREAMS, where she also served as a film producer for the first time.

If you’re a fan of beloved Hong Kong film icon Leslie Cheung, take a trip down memory lane with golden oldies he’s starred in, namely WHO’S THE MAN, WHO’S THE WOMAN and DOUBLE TAP.

Alternatively, catch up with more recent Cantonese titles TWO WRONGS MAKE A RIGHT; CHERRY RETURNS; and SHE REMEMBERS, HE FORGETS.


26 July, Thurs, 7.3pm / 29 July, Sat, 4.30pm
dir. Peter Chan
1996 | M18 | 107 mins

Kick off the Hong Kong Film Festival with a walk down memory lane! Take plenty of photos, nibble on native Hong Kong snacks while a singer croons classic songs from the 80s and 90s. End off the night of nostalgia with a screening of iconic Hong Kong star Leslie Cheung’s classic WHO’S THE WOMAN, WHO’S THE MAN 金枝玉叶2 in the original dialect.


27 July, Fri, 9.40pm
dir. Tam Wai-Ching
2017 | PG13 | 93 mins

Young Hong Kong filmmaker Tam Wai-Ching is ready for her time in the spotlight with this entry in the Hong Kong government’s First Feature Film Initiative project. Heng is a high school student whose mother abandoned the family eight years ago. You Mei is a teacher whose husband is having an affair. When You Mei becomes the temporary teacher at Heng’s school, the two lonely souls develop an affectionate bond that may be love.


28 July, Sat, 6.50pm / 30 July, Mon, 7.30pm
dir. Chris Chow
2016 | PG13 | 84 mins

In Los Angeles, the police raid a crime den and discover a captive (Cherry Ngan) who turns out to be the daughter of Hong Kong businessman Yuen (Chen Kuan Tai). Abducted 12 years ago, Cherry had long been presumed dead. Unable to remember her past, the traumatised young woman returns to Hong Kong with her family, including older sister Jing (Song Jia) who is a psychologist. The trials, however, are not over for Cherry and her family as strange and threatening events keep arising, including the appearance of a mysterious hooded man (Hu Ge).


28 July, Sat, 2pm / 31 July, Tues, 7.15pm
dir. Andy Lo
2016 | NC16 | 114 mins

After his mother’s death, Chan Kai-yuk (Carlos Chan) feels so alone that he leaves Guangzhou for Hong Kong to look up the father who abandoned him and his mom. But Yuk’s hopes are dashed on finding his dad has a new family and considers him a burden. Alone and homeless, Yuk is taken in by Auntie Fan (Kara Wai). At first, their different habits and personalities lead to numerous squabbles, intensified by Yuk’s self-centeredness and Fan’s odd temperament. As time goes on, Yuk learns Fan is in the early stages of cognitive disorder. The discovery unexpectedly serves as a catalyst for the young man’s growth as a caring friend.

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