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Film can be a force for social good and is one of the many ways in which ideas and conversations are brought to life.

CANA Film Festival 2018 promises to engage film enthusiasts in a visual extravaganza with themes that inspire discourse on the state of humanity and shed light on social issues through the power of storytelling.

Films that will be screened look to espouse the universality of Catholic Social Teachings through depictions of good versus evil, friendship, hope and disappointments, life, love and loss in the selection of films to be screened. Relish your chance to join and participate in conversations to reflect upon the principles of Catholic Social Teachings.

The third edition of the festival will run from 29 August to 30 Sep 2018 and will be held across 3 main venues – Golden Village Cinema Vivocity, Agape Village and CANA The Catholic Centre.

29 Aug, Wed 7pm
dir. Cédric Kahn
2018 | France | Drama | In French with English subtitles | TBC | 107 mins

Thomas, 22, is a drug addict. To curb his habit, he joins a community of former addicts who live isolated in the mountains and use prayer as a way to cure themselves. At first reluctant, Thomas gradually submits himself to a Spartan life of discipline, abstinence, hard work and frequent prayer. He discovers faith, but also love. And a new kind of torment.

9 Sept, Sun 4pm
dir. Rocky Walls
2015 | Spain | Comedy, Drama | In Spanish with English subtitles | R21 | 108 mins

Terminally ill actor Julián wants to spend his final days tying up loose end. When child friend Tomás pays him an unexpected visit, the two men set out to finalise funeral arrangements, settle accounts and find a home for Julián’s beloved dog. What follows is a series of amusing, emotional and also unexpected events as Julián reconnects with old friends and acquaintances in his life.

1 Sept, Sat 7pm
dir. Pablo Moreno
2017 | Spain | Drama | In Spanish with English subtitles | PG13 | 119 mins

Helena Studler, a French nun, goes out of her way to help orphaned children right at the dawn of World War II. When the conflict erupts, the life she and her children know will change completely with the arrival of the Nazis. But the worst will come when the Nazis decide to set up a concentration camp in the small town. The nun, together with the neighbours, will decide to take action on the matter.

8 Sept, Sat 7.15pm
dir. Ashley Bell
2018 | USA | Documentary, Action, Adventure | English | PG | 77 mins

Elephant rescues in Thailand are rare, unpredictable and often life threatening. After 2 years, actor/director Ashley Bell and a team of elephant rescuers led by world renowned Asian elephant conservationist, Sangdeaun Lek Chailert, embark on a daring mission to rescue Noi Na, a 70-year-old captive, partially blind trekking elephant and bring her 500 miles across Thailand to freedom.

*The Prayer, Pope Francis: A Man Of His Word and Special Screening: Summer in the Forest will be shown at GV VivoCity. Tickets for films screened at GV VivoCity are $15.

There is also a Pre-Festival Screening event “Through The Lens”, a session of short films by Singapore film director Tan Pin Pin and a post-screening dialogue with her at CANA The Catholic Centre. This event is $15.

All other films will be screened at CANA The Catholic Centre and tickets for those are $10.
SFS members enjoy 10% discount for films and events screened at The Catholic Centre. Head over to Members’ Corner for the promo code.

There is also the option of a Weekend Pass at $40 and Festival Pass at $75 available for purchase.


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